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Metering Masterbatch Machine



The SCM series metering type color masterbatch wet mixing machine is suitable for automatic proportional mixing of new materials, secondary materials, color masterbatches or additives. This series of models uses a DC brushless motor, which is mixed according to the pre-selected proportion and automatically converted into speed to directly drive the precision screw extrusion raw material through the conditions set by the fully digital microcomputer control system. The error value is not more than ± 1%. The motor reduction ratio of this product is divided into two types: 30:1 and 100:1, and the screw diameter is divided into three types: 12, 14, and 16mm. Six models can be evolved to provide different output quantities of 0.1-32kg/hr for customers to choose from. There is also a dual color master machine, which can be combined with any two color master machines according to customer needs.

Features of this machine:

● Use a DC brushless motor without maintenance;

● Equipped with permanent data memory and storage functions;

Adopting microcomputer based control, intelligent and accurate calculation;

● Can simultaneously meet the requirements of external signal input;

● The screw adopts chrome plating treatment, which is durable and durable;

● Modular assembly structure, easy to disassemble, clean, and exchange;

● The standard base of the monochrome master machine is equipped with a three tube hopper magnet, which can adsorb metal objects to prevent damage to the molding machine screws;

● The mixer is a standard equipment for dual color master machines, which can meet customers' dual mixing needs. The single color master machine model can;

● Select a stirrer to ensure even mixing of materials;

● The main hopper is equipped with a dual color master machine as standard, and a single color master machine is optional;

● When paired with dryers above SHD-100 or THD-160U, a large flange (without three tube hopper magnet) needs to be installed on the base;

● Customer matching SHD-100~300KG, SHD-160U

● When using a 450U dryer, it is necessary to choose a tripod;

● When changing to the European safety circuit type, add "CE" after the model.