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Three Integrated Dehumidification, Drying, And Feeding Machines


The SCD series dehumidification and drying feeding combination, with three functions of dehumidification, drying, and two-stage feeding, is widely applicable to various plastic raw materials, especially engineering plastics with strong hygroscopicity, such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc. The SCD-H type can also achieve a dew point of -40C in an ideal state. This series of products are combined with the SD-H series honeycomb rotary dehumidifier and the bottom blowing type all stainless steel European insulation and drying material barrel. The entire series adopts PID temperature control system as the standard equipment, and PLC control and LCD sugar control human-machine interface are provided for selection. Dew point meters and automatic filling machines are also provided for selection.

Features of this machine:

1. The SCD dehumidification and drying feeding combination is equipped with a honeycomb wheel to obtain stable low dew point dry air, with two types of designs: semi open and fully closed;

2. Suitable for engineering plastic raw materials with strong moisture absorption, such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc;

3. It integrates three functions: dehumidification, drying, and two-stage feeding, and can choose a three-stage feeding function;

4. The insulated drying material barrel adopts a bottom blowing duct design combined with a cyclone exhaust device to prevent heat dissipation and ensure that the temperature improves drying efficiency;

5. All machines are equipped with a closed loop feeding system to prevent the dried raw materials from getting damp again due to contact with external air;

6. This series of dehumidification systems adopts a dual cooler structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point;

7. The feeding system is equipped with a cut-off valve to ensure that there are no residual raw materials in the material pipe;

8. This machine is equipped with microcomputer control as standard equipment, and PLC control and LCD touch human-machine interface can be selected for centralized and convenient operation, which can control the automatic operation of the entire machine;

9. Optional dew point meter can monitor dew point at any time;