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Oil Type Mold Temperature Machine

The oil type mold heater utilizes the heat transfer performance of thermal oil to provide a heat source for the required thermal equipment. There are three models of oil type mold temperature machines: 200 ° C oil type mold temperature machine, 300 ° C oil type mold temperature machine, and 350 ° C oil type mold temperature machine, with specifications of 6KW-1200KW available for selection. According to the temperature control needs of different industries, oil mold temperature machines are widely used in various industries, providing you with technology and solutions for industrial temperature control systems.

Oil type mold temperature machine configuration protection:

The oil type mold temperature machine has multiple protection settings. When the temperature is abnormal, the upper limit alarm of the circulating temperature will be triggered, the main power supply will be cut off, the contactor will be stuck, abnormal heating alarm and indication will be given, and the heating action will automatically stop if the system pressure is abnormal. The BY-PASS pressure reducing circuit protection pump and liquid level switch will detect the water level to prevent water shortage and alarm indication, protect the fault display, and provide detailed process conditions as much as possible when the oil mold temperature machine manufacturer is in the factory. The manufacturer of the oil type mold temperature machine will determine the model for you based on the actual production process, determine the heating power and pump power, to avoid being unable to use normally due to model errors.