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Guangdong Xinxinsheng Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the operation of precision auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry. The company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is the world processing and manufacturing center. The company has a professional team with rich experience in research and development and production in mechanical, electronic, and electrical automation! After years of effort and development, we have strong development, design, and production capabilities. The company's main products include suction machines, injection mold temperature machines, water mold temperature machines, oil mold temperature machines, injection molding oil temperature machines, high-temperature oil temperature machines, screw type color master machines, metering type color master machines, dual color master machines, monochrome color master machines, dehumidification and drying feeder machines, weighing mixer machines, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, European drying machines, plastic dehumidifiers, central feeding systems, centralized feeding systems, etc. With their excellent performance Known for its high cost-effectiveness in the plastic auxiliary machinery industry.
Dehumidifying Drying Feeder
The SCD dehumidification and drying feeding combination is equipped with a honeycomb wheel, which can obtain stable low dew point dry air. The design is divided into two types: semi open and fully closed;
Suitable for engineering plastic raw materials with strong moisture absorption, such as PA.PC.PBT.PET, etc;
Integrating dehumidification, drying, and two-stage feeding functions, with the option of selecting a three-stage feeding function;
The insulated drying material barrel adopts a bottom blowing air duct design, paired with a cyclone exhaust device to prevent heat dissipation, ensure temperature, and improve drying efficiency;
So the machines are equipped with a closed loop feeding system to prevent the dried raw materials from getting damp again due to contact with external air;
This series of dehumidification systems adopts a dual cooler structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point;
保障源于品质 品质源于专业
Led by its own key technologies and research, it gathers various advanced technologies and resources in the industry, builds the core competitiveness of the enterprise, manufactures plastic auxiliary equipment with leading domestic technology, and creates a well-known brand of domestic plastic auxiliary equipment. Due to our professional and leading technical strength, we have provided or indirectly provided our high-quality products to many well-known domestic companies in PET packaging production, cosmetics packaging production, medical supplies manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, automotive trim injection molding, wire and cable extrusion, PP/PE/PET film, plate, sheet rolling, and chemical fiber product extrusion.

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